Discussion Document
Missing Persons Legislation


Enhancing missing persons investigations 

The Yukon government is considering legislation as a mechanism to assist the RCMP with missing persons investigations.

When a loved one is missing, time is of the essence. The RCMP are currently limited in their ability to investigate reports of missing persons when there is no evidence of criminal activity.

Missing persons legislation would allow the RCMP to move more quickly and efficiently on missing persons investigations by providing a mechanism for obtaining a court order to access specific information (e.g., telephone, banking, travel and health records), while balancing considerations for an individual’s privacy.

Balancing privacy rights with the authorization for access to personal information is an important consideration with this legislation.

We want to hear from you

Background information on missing persons legislation is provided in the following pages.

You will also find a summary of common provisions found within missing persons legislation in other jurisdictions.

We invite your comments and feedback to determine if missing persons legislation would be useful in Yukon and to learn what provisions you think are necessary in it, if it is needed. Discussion questions are provided at the end of this document.

Questions and feedback can be directed to the Department of Justice Policy and Communications unit at: justice@gov.yk.ca or 867-667-3033.