Share your thoughts on changes to how schools assess and report on learning

In September 2017, Yukon schools will begin to introduce changes to the Kindergarten to Grade 9 curriculum. As part of these changes, we need to make some changes to how we assess learning so that we can tell you about how students are doing in school, how they are developing skills and what they need to work on.

So that all educators, parents, students and community members can learn about and share their thoughts about the proposed changes to assessment, the Department of Education is running a public survey from March 16 - April 12, 2017. We are gathering and reviewing your feedback during this time in order to finalize and share the revised guidelines with Yukon school staff in late spring 2017 before the school year is over.

These proposed changes are based on research and recommendations from the Yukon Education Assessment Committee. They will be turned into an interim guide for schools to use over the next two years to gradually transition all schools to the new ways of assessing and reporting on student progress.

This interim guide will be called “Communicating Student Learning” and you can see a draft on the Yukon Department of Education website. It outlines good practices in student assessment strategies and reporting guidelines, as well as how to effectively communicate with students, parents and families. Yukon First Nations’ ways of knowing and doing are integrated into this guide and it has resources and links for educators such as samples and instructional videos.

Your individual responses to the survey will be kept confidential, and will be combined with others for reporting purposes.

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